There are typos in this due to lack of error checking on my part.  This will require a little skill of inference on your part.
  Grid drawing project, using drafting/drawing pencils.  This helps you to learn the differences between dark-soft leads and light-hard leads when trying to match the values in an image.

 Making small boxes using Polygons in AutoCAD.
Students are to open AutoCAD using the 4 view template.  In the top view, you will make a 2" square using polyline, and then draw from corner to corner to find the center.   Then draw a 2" diameter circle with a center point where the two lines intersect in the center of the square.  This gives you a maximum diameter.
Polygon  (pick the number of sides, select the center point, radius of 1)
Offset .125 toward the inside, Offset .007 toward the inside, Offset .125 toward the inside.
Copy all to the left, with at 1 inch of space between the two objects.
Now to make the box and the lid from the top view.
EXTRUDE Select the outside polygon line on the right, (select enter to let it know you are finished selecting objects to extrude)  Height = -.875  Extrude the next Polygon, Height = -.75
Subtract (select the object to keep, then select the object to remove)
This makes the box bottom.
Now for the lid, we are working on the set of polygons on the left of the screen, in the top view.
Extrude select the outside polygon -.125,  Select the polygon on the inside and extrude it 1
Select the polygon 2nd from the center and extrude it to .3.
Now Subtract the inside polygon from the .3 polygon. 
Orbit the ISO view to see if you have a lid and a box.
Now to EXPORT the ,STL files to be printed.
Export  name it 1-lastname-box-date.stl then select the box.
Export name it 1-lastname-lid-date.stl then select the lid.
Send me both files as an attachment.
The green Polyline in box 9 is drawn from the TOP view.
4th period name your files  4-LastName-SizeMatters-Date.jpg
Next you can work on your 3D printing files, unfinished assignments, or your can start your painting or drawing for the state fair.

this is what the file you send me, should look like.
Step by Step process.

 First sketch a multview drawing of the object below, and determine its overall size with 1" between each view. 

Then draw it on AutoCAD and email me the jpg image named correctly.