I like the DaVinci 3d printers because they are less expensive and if they break, you can get a new one cheaper than paying for a repair.

Thank you for your interest in XYZprinting products and reaching back out to us!  

 Educational sales department

For any order on XYZprinting, we could quote to them first and if they can accept the amount, then they can make PO to us.
Moreover, we have 10% off from MSRP for the educator except for parts of the 3D printer.

Our address is 20191 Windrow Dr, Suite B, Lake Forest, CA 92630.

The phone number is 949-484-7755, the Fax number is 949-484-7330.

The email contact you can send to me: rasy.chang@xyzprinting.com

Or you can send to salesus@xyzprinting.com

Furthermore, we have complete solutions for our printer users and these resources are all free as well.

We have three big resources, one is XYZmaker that is a free 3D design software and we even have a lot of free tutorials so kids and you can make it from imagination to realization. Here is the link: http://wiki.xyzprinting.com/learn_en_us/

Also, there are thousands of free 3D models you can download from our XYZprinting Gallery.

The last one is our K-12 STEAM program which has free curriculums for schools and educators.

Below is our pricing for our educational bundles, the price is not including the shipping cost.

Classroom Starter Bundle:
· da Vinci Jr 1.0
· da Vinci 1.0 All-in-one
· XYZprinting Handheld 3D Scanner Pro
· 12 filament cartridges and spools

MSRP: $1536
Bundle Price: $1382

Advanced Classroom Bundle:
· da Vinci Jr 1.0

· da Vinci 1.0 All-in-one
· da Vinci 2.0 Duo
· XYZprinting Handheld 3D Scanner Pro
· 24 filament cartridges and spools
MSRP: $2420.6
Bundle Price: $2178.6

XYZ 3D Lab Bundle:    This could be split between 2 - 4 schools.
· Two da Vinci Jr.1.0
· Two da Vinci 1.0 All-in-One
· Two da Vinci 2.0 Duo
· Two Nobel 1.0 SL Laser 3D printer
· Four XYZprinting Handheld 3D Scanners Pro
· 36 filament cartridges and spools
· Six bottles of photopolymer resin
MSRP: $8468
Bundle Price: $7621.2

Please let me know which one bundle you are interested in, I can make a quotation for you.