Burt Tree. 

Our Burt Haplogroup is R-Z209 and was taken from our uncle,Roffie Burt, MS.

The story goes that a William Burt was raised by the Self family and thought his name was Self.  One day in SC he was in the feed store and a man asked him, do you know who your are?  The boy said William Self.  The man said no, you are William Burt and you have a sister in MS.  William picked up and moved to MS to find his sister.  He ended up in Copiah Co., but we don't know if he found his sister or not.  He lived through 3 centuries and is buried in Copiah Co.  He bought a lot of land instead of buying slaves.  He still had his land after the Civil War.  So he maintained his personal wealth while others did not.  We need more Burt men to test their Y-gene so we can confirm our Burt line before the 1800s.  If you have your Y-gene and you are a Burt, please upload your DNA free to MyHeritage or GEDMatch, and send us an email so we can compare.  Thanks in advance.