Parts o the Revit Window.


Objective: Do Not Filter By Objective Use grids Create and modify walls Create and modify doors Create and modify windows Tag elements by category Add and modify components Trim and extend elements Hide and reveal elements Create a roof and modify roof properties Create a stair with a landing Create and modify railings Add and modify floors Add rooms Move and copy elements Align elements Mirror elements Array elements Change the view scale Change the detail level of a view Set visibility/graphics overrides Identify the cut plane for a view Use levels Create plan views Create section and elevation views Create 3D views Create drafting views Add and modify text Add and modify dimensions Create a sheet Place views on a sheet Page: In: Select a Book There are no Books for this Product Show All

Revit objectives
Elements and Families 
  Use Grids: 
   Create and Modify Walls 
   Create and Modify Doors 
   Create and Modify Windows 
   Tag Elements by Category  
    Add and Modify Components  
    Trim and Extend Elements 
    Hide and Reveal Elements 
 Create a Roof and Modify Roof Properties 
  Create a Stair with a Landing
  Create and Modify Railings 
  Add and Modify Floors 
  Add Rooms 
  Move and Copy Elements 
  Align Elements 
  Mirror Elements 
  Array Elements 
Views :
 Change the View Scale
 Change the Detail Level of a View
 Set Visibility/Graphics Overrides  
  Identify the Cut Plane of a view 
  Use Levels
 Create Plan Views 
  Create Section and Elevation Views 
  Create 3D Views  
  Create Drafting Views
 Add and Modify Text 
Add and Modify Dimensions 
Create a Sheet 
Place Views on a Sheet 


AutoCAD 2016 objectives:
Apply Basic Drawing Skills 
Create Selection Sets
Use Coordinate Systems 
Use Direct Distance 
Use Dynamic Input  
Use Shortcut Menus  
Using the Grips 
Use Inquiry Commands 

Draw Objects
Create Line
Draw a Line  
Draw a Rectangle 
Line Type
Objects within Layers
Create Polygon 
Draw a Circle 
Draw an Arc 
Draw a Polyline

Draw with Accuracy 
Grip Editing 
Work with Grid and Snap 
Use Object-Snap Tracking
Use Coordinate Systems

Modify Objects
Copy Objects
Move Objects 
Rotate Objects 
Rotate Tool 
Scale by Axis 
Scale Objects
Scale Tool 

Create a  Rectangular and Polar Array
Create a Path Array  
Use Arrays (to find dist. between objects)
 Extend Objects
Trim and Extend Lines 
Trim Objects
Offset Objects 
Use Offset Tool 
Mirror Objects
Grip Editing
Use Grip Editing  
Chamfer Tool
Fillet Objects 
Fillet Tool 

Use Additional Drawing Techniques 
Edit Polylines 
Apply Gradients 
Apply Hatches  
Edit Hatch Pattern
Hatch Pattern 

Organize Objects 
Change Object Properties  

Alter Layer Assignments for Objects 
Control Layer Visibility 
Objects Within Layers 

Reuse Existing Content
Insert Block

Annotate Drawings 
Modify Text
Dimension Precision 
Edit Dimension Precision 
Use Dimensions 

Layouts and Printing 
Set Printing and Plotting Options