Remember,.  1.   "Frozen layers" do not print and are not visible. 

                      2.   Blocks inserted into layers different from the layer they were created in, will assume the properties of the layer they are inserted in.

                      3.   To scale an object down to an exact size, divide the desired size by the existing size, and you will have the scale factor you need.

                            (to make a 12" object an 8 inch object, divide 8 by 12.  The scale the object down by a factor of .6666666666666667)

                       4.  When you select an object and press your right mouse button, or right click, you will see a properties box that will show the area, layer,

                            perimeter, color, layer, etc. of the object.

                        5.  If you have a series of plines that are not connected as one object, use the JOIN command to combine them into a single entity.

                             If you want to extrude the plines into a solid shape, they will need to be joined or you will just have the perimeter extruded.

                        6.   When drawing with plines, always press C to close.   Also with Splines, you can press C to close.

                        7.  You can right click on the bottom of your display, and you can view windows side by side when taking the certiport test.                

                              That way you can have the software in one window and the test in the other window without toggling back and forth.