Our teacher training program includes hands-on student projects that can be incorporated in your classrooms.  The projects are designed to interest students in using AutoCAD to design 3D printing objects, video game environments, and character designs.  The projects help students understand the minimum concepts needed to pass AutoCAD user certifications.

The following is the list of software and websites we will be using;

www.Autodesk.com allows you to download free software for teachers and students.  We will be using AutoCAD English and/or Revit.

www.Certiport.com  If you don't have an account set one up.  I recommend students set one up using their student numbers for both the login and password so they don't forget them on testing days.  Students must also include their student number for the employee number so that your school gets credit for their certifications.

Www.Gmetrix.net    www.CADLearning.com

www.Makerbot.com Load up Makerware on your computer for 3D printing projects.

www.Wix.com  www.1and1.com for websites and domain names.  Everyone should own their name .com (RhondaMyers.com) bought from 1and1.com for only $15 a year, and they can forward it to their free websites at Wix.  By owning your name, you can sign all of your work with your name and no matter what kind of business you own one day, you can control the use of your name.  A veterinarian would not want their name to point to a taxidermy site, a doctor would not want their name to point to a lawyer that specializes in medical malpractice, etc.

Students can upload all of their projects and portfolios on their site and include a link on every assignment and application. 

We will use www.Quia.com for assignments and quizzes, along with Google Doc and Google Form.

PhotoShop is essential for graphic presentations, and Gimp.com offers a free version of Photoshop if you need it.

www.TinkerCAD.com, and www.Floorplanner.com are also useful websites for students to help them fully understand al the concepts used in this course.

I recommend buying 3D printers that are less than $300, such as the Divinci XYZ printers.  That way you can have multiple student projects printing at one time.  The 3D projects help students master the majority of the skills needed to pass certification.